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    The Chinese Wenzhou, the common people focus attention on, every day all creation miracle place. Taifeng Filter Co.,Ltd. is the South Chekiang area specialized devotes the development, the manufacture touches the trailer filter the enterprise. Difficultly starts an undertaking after the many years, the company has developed has the suitable scale and the rich strength enterprise. The company reasonable adjustment product structure, positively introduces the high-level management technology talented person, the advanced equipment, speeds up the new product development dynamics, was the enterprise continues to develop establishes the foundation.
     The remarkable product quality, the fine post-sale service, causes this company " KA-KYNCG ", " AFM ", " peacefully to raise -ANYANG ", " enlightens the light ", " the peaceful gram " the brand product, sells in distant markets Southeast Asia, country and the area and so on Western Europe, in in domestic is at the leading position, is the Wenzhou main item enterprise.
     " Is honest, the letter " is the company motto, the technology is the company starts a career the foundation, " the honest move of world guest, satisfies in the peaceful peak " is the company all along management idea, guarantees the user success is company's dignified pledge.